How to Come Up With the Best Bike Reviews


Transport is one of the core areas of man’s life and dealings. Vehicles, bikes and walking are some of the most common means used by man to move from one place to another. The use of pedal bikes or motorbikes is among the very commonly used means of transport by men. As a bike buyer, a client needs to have sufficient information about the bikes performance. There is no better way of getting this information about a bike than to read reviews written by people who have used the bikes and thus know both good and bad sides of the bikes.

Just like for any other product, writing bike reviews follows some simple steps. How well you write a review for a bike can determine the rating your review gets. The writing of a review will also hinder or promote the effectiveness of your intended message. To guide you in this, here is a guide to writing quality bike reviews.

For bike and other product reviews, the first thing you do is to describe your product. Depending on the bike being reviewed, the description that is given will vary. The details a client wishing to describe a bicycle will include the weight of the bike, frame materials, pedals, the seat and also a description of the bikes sprocket. On the other hand, a client giving a description of a motorcycle will focus on specifics such as fuel consumption, the speed, mileage before servicing, tires and also the power of the bikes engine. When giving this description, remember to quote the bikes manufacturer, price of the bike, bike name and model too. You may read further about bikes at

After giving the detailed description of your bike, you now go ahead and give the review on performance of the bike. Here you pick the key positives of the bike as well as its negatives. The things you can give a review about on a bike are many. Some of the things to major your review on are the bikes fuel consumption, luggage carriage, legislation governing its use, durability of the bike’s parts and how easy or difficult it is to get the spare parts. A review with the merits, demerits and improvements that one would recommend is very reliable.

Finally, the last part is to give your final verdict about the reviewed bike. What you write here is your experience with the bike you have reviewed. Remember to select your words wisely here as it is the part many clients rely on to make a decision on which bike to buy. It is also the manufacturer’s most important part of a review. Rating of the bike is also done here where you can give your verdict in terms of stars or points.


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